VISOLA Electric Insulation Technology Ltd.



VISOLA Electric Insulation Technology Ltd is active
in the following fields:

  • Development and manufacturing of electrical penetration assemblies (EPAs) for Nuclear Power Plants
  • Development and production of thermometers, connectors, fittings employed in the containment
  • Tailor made refurbishing and other special technologies to renew the old EPA systems in- and outside of containment
  • Trade of special (i.e. flame retardant, fire resistant, LOCA proof nuclear, etc.) cables
  • Trade of railway cables homologated for MÁV (Hungarian State Railways).
  • Production of ceramic sealed electrical penetration withstanding extreme conditions
  • Vacuum brazing
  • Active brazing technology

About us

VISOLA Electric Insulation Technology Ltd was established in 1991 in order to develop and produce electrical penetration assemblies (EPAs) for nuclear power plants (NPPs). Since 1997 we are a supplier of special cables and cable accessories as well. Starting in 2010 - to provide even better service to our customers - we extended our portfolio with customized engineering and design services.

Our company has certified quality assurance system in place to control its activities.

Our electrical penetration assemblies fully comply with the strict quality and safety regulations of the nuclear industry.

During the development of our products and services, our goal is to provide state of the art and reliable solutions to our customers.

Premises of VISOLA Ltd at Nagytarcsa
Premises of VISOLA Ltd at Nagytarcsa