Epoxy resin insulated cable penetration modules for refurbishment of PGKK EPAs

New cable penetration modules


In 2008 VISOLA Ltd extended its well proven electrical penetration product range. A new sort of penetration family and a suitable installation technology were introduced. A two year long R&D work resulted in an innovative product which fully complies with the new requirements of Paks NPP regarding the refurbishment of obsolete Soviet design electrical penetrations on site. Instead of complete replacement of an electrical penetration assembly (EPA) a rational refurbishment has been implemented which updates the technical parameters of old EPAs at a reasonable price. The new technology is in accordance with the ambitious plan for extension of service time of NPP in Hungary.

Combining the recently developed penetration modules with well proven gamma radiation screening products a competitive EPA family is available for a broad range of NPPs.


Refurbishment of EPAs on site


The main steps of an on site refurbishment of EPAs are demonstrated by drawings below.


Figure 1: The old PGKK type EPA as installed, with original modules

1 = old modul

2 = old cable

3 = casing tube

4 = bulkhead

5 = screening

6 = concr. wall

Figure 2: The casing tube of EPA after removing obsolete modules


Figure 3: Stainless steel flanges installed on renovated bulkheads. Leakage test





7 = new flange

8 = pressure gauge

Figure 4: Installation of new modules and cables into casing tube. New cable junction boxes




  9 = new module

10 = new cable

11 = cable junction box