Cable Penetrations

Electrical Penetration Assemblies (EPAs) containing epoxy resin insulated modules:

  • MHKA-RH    Instrumentation and Control EPAs (MHKA) Refurbished on site (RH)
  • MHKA-RM    Instrumentation and Control EPAs (MHKA) Refurbished in workshop (RM)

EPAs above are manufactured in many versions of cable design, with conductors of various number and size, with or without screening. The available modules at present stage of development are the following:

  • „L“ type    12 x 2 + 2 conductors, pair- and common screening
  • „P“ type    22 + 2 conductors, screened conductors
  • „R“ type    27 conductors, unscreened
  • „S“ type    14 conductors, unscreened
  • „T“ type       7 conductors, unscreened

In more details: Refurbishment of Obsolete Cable Penetrations in Nuclear Power Plant

Final test of PGKK type EPA refurbished in workshop (MHKA-RM)


Electric Penetration Assemblies (EPAs) with glass-to-metal sealed penetration modules:


Power EPAs (EHKA)

  • EHKA-4/200/10 (4 conductors; 200 A current; 1000 mm thick wall)
  • EHKA-4/200/15
  • EHKA-8/100/08
  • EHKA-8/100/10
  • EHKA-8/100/15

Instrumentation and Control EPAs (MHKA)

  • MHKA-42/4/08 (42 conductors; 4 mm2 cable; 800 mm thick wall)
  • MHKA-42/4/10
  • MHKA-42/4/15
  • MHKA-118/1.5/08
  • MHKA-118/1.5/10
  • MHKA-118/1.5/15

Coaxial EPAs (KHKA)

  • KHKA-7/50/10 (7 cables ; 50 Ω impedance; for 10 dm thick wall)
  • KHKA-7/50/08

Control cable EPAs under routine test


In more details: Electrical Penetration Assemblies for VVER Type Nuclear Power Plants


Schott AG The glass-to-metal sealed penetrations applied in these sort of EPAs are made by Schott Electronic Packaging GmbH. Link to SCHOTT homepage.